Fluke 1732 and 1732 Energy Loggers

Easily quantify, identify, evaluate
and report energy usage

With the NEW Fluke 1732 and 1734 Energy Loggers, finding the information you need to make critical decisions just got easier.

  • Discover when and where energy in your facility is being consumed; from the service entrance to individual circuits.
  • Access and share data remotely with your team via the Fluke Connect® app so you can maintain safer working distances and make critical decisions in real-time.
  • Confirm the accuracy of your electric utility bill, and identify any potential future charges for poor power factor or high demand.
  • Easily analyze data and create reports with the new Energy Analyze software package and compare multiple data points over time to build a complete picture of energy usage, which is the first step to reduce the cost of your energy bill.

Which three-phase logger is right for you?

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Find out how Fluke Energy Loggers can help you quantify energy usage, identify inefficiencies, and evaluate savings potential.

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NEW Fluke 1732 and 1734 Energy Logger

Optimized user interface of the Fluke 1734 Energy Logger

Optimized Design

Fluke 1732 and 1734 Energy Loggers are easy to use, with an optimized interface, optimized accessories, and an advanced auto-correct feature that helps eliminate improper connections. You can even power the loggers directly from the measured voltage line so you don’t need to search for an AC outlet. Watch the overview video to find out more.

Watch the video

Gain access to more data with Fluke Connect wireless modules and the Fluke 1734

More data. More access.

Automatically capture and log all measured values, and view them on the instrument, via Fluke Connect® or through your facilities' WiFi infrastructure, all while logging. Correlate two additional analog measurements such as temperature or pressure with your energy usage by adding Fluke Connect wireless modules to your system (1734 only). For more information, download the product data sheet.

Download data sheet

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Easy Reporting

Fluke Energy Analyze Plus software provides easy way to create useful reports. With powerful analysis tools and the ability to create customized reports in minutes you'll be able to communicate your findings and quickly solve problems so you can optimize system reliability and savings. Download our application note "Monitoring power usage" to learn more about what logging and reporting energy use can do for you.

Download the application note