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The Fluke PRO series cameras introduce a leading-edge visual infrared experience

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Make your job easier with the most modern Fluke technology - the PRO series Infrared Cameras (Ti480 PRO, Ti450 PRO, Ti400 PRO, Ti300 PRO)

Easier to visualize and diagnose issues

  • Sharper onscreen images with better visual colour differences–see brightergreens and yellows with the PRO series, just like the camera on the right
  • Improved, user-tested, touch screen interface that is more intuitive than ever

More sensitive than ever

  • Capture smaller temperature differences with increased thermal sensitivity as low as ≤0.025 °C at 30 °C target temp (25 mK)
  • Measure up to 1500 °C

In addition to improved thermal sensitivity, sharper on-screen image quality and a more intuitive user interface, the PRO series thermal imagers still have your favorite Fluke infrared innovations:

Focus easily with the touch of a button and the speed of a laser

  • Snap an image into focus with the help of a laser distance meter in LaserSharp™ Auto Focus
  • Capture multiple images and combine them for one clear, accurate picture, focused on targets near and far with MultiSharp™ Focus

Blend images from full infrared to full digital for added context

  • Choose between the 5 modes of IR-Fusion™ Technology to view your images in full infrared, full visible light, or somewhere in between

Add context with 4 optional lenses

  • See targets up close and far away with the option of wide-angle, 2x telephoto, 4x telephoto and macro infrared lenses
  • Swap lenses between cameras– Fluke smart lenses do not require calibration
  • Thermal camera sensor is not exposed when the lens is removed

Share images while in the field

  • Wirelessly sync images from your camera to the Fluke Connect™ system, and attach them to asset records or work orders, or send them to a colleague to collaborate while in the field