Fluke Family
Current: Upfront purchase option New! Subscription option
Condition Monitoring Solution Qty Condition Monitoring Solution Qty
Gateway 1 Gateway 1
Temperature/ Voltage sensor 1 Temperature/ Voltage sensor 1
Condition Monitoring Software 1 Condition Monitoring Software 1
Premium service bundle 1
Upfront cost: $2,997.98 Monthly subscription: $151.00

Enjoy all the benefits of Fluke Condition Monitoring for as little as $151/month!

You get an easy-to-install hardware/software bundle you can configure for your specific needs and the support of a team of experts who are ready to ensure your success.

  • Hassle-free startup
  • Low, easy-to-manage annual subscription cost
  • Customize your system bundle for your facility's specific needs
  • Quick ROI-the first time you diagnose an impending equipment failure, you're saving money!
  • Easily upgrade to the newest innovations

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preventative maintenance ROI

How much did your last shut-down cost?

With Fluke Condition Monitoring you can begin realizing a return on investment almost immediately. Begin monitoring in a matter of minutes. Track equipment performance issues with electronically captured data and identify the onset of equipment deterioration.

Man installing Fluke Condition Monitoring

Optimize equipment and team performance, while reducing costs

Sync your team with one system that organizes condition based maintenance and troubleshooting data alongside work orders. With information-based decisions, rework is eliminated leading to performance and productivity improvements.

Man checking condition of equipment on phone

Get ahead of the curve

Resolve problems that just won’t go away. Use Fluke Condition Monitoring to identify persistent issues that would typically tap team resources. Enable your team with the right repair direction. Maximize your workforce and eliminate persistent equipment issues. Use the extra time to be more productive.

What are people saying?

“We have more than 100,000 pieces of equipment and the reliability team can only assess so many. We’ve never been able to have maintenance techs collect data for us, until now. It had to be easy and quick.”

Supervisor, Reliability Centered Maintenance, North American auto manufacturing