Fluke Specials Spring 2017

Fluke Specials

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Attractive promotions on our most popular products

This spring you can fill your tool belt with quality instruments. These great offers include savings on digital multimeters, installation testers and kits that combine a range of tools from clamp meters to advanced testers.

Hurry! Offers are valid until 30 June 2017 or while stock last.


Fluke 279 FC

Now with FREE iFlex® flexible current probe

A full-featured digital multimeter with integrated thermal imaging

  • Find, repair, validate and report many electrical issues quickly
  • Memory storage through Fluke Connect® measurements app

Save: 17%
Price: € 999

Item No.: 4684050


Fluke 87V

Special price

Performance and accuracy for maximum industrial productivity

  • Accurate measurements on adjustable speed motor drive
  • Designed to identify complex signal problems fast and with a built-in thermometer

Save: 10%
Price: € 449

Item No.: 3947858


Fluke TiS10

Now with additional rechargeable battery

  • Point and shoot simplicity with 80x60 resolution
  • See the detail with a D:S of 128:1
  • WiFi upload to Fluke Cloud™ Storage
Save: 11%
Price: € 1099

Item No.: 4865212


Fluke 1662

Now with FREE T110 and DMS Software

  • Voltage & Frequency
  • Wiring polarity checker, detects broken N wire
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Continuity & Resistance
Save: 45%
Price: € 999

Item No.: 4864723


Fluke 1663

Now with FREE T130 and DMS Software

Extra features compared to the 1662:

  • Continuity at L-N, N-PE inputs
  • Test smooth dc sensitive RCDs (Type B)
  • Earth Resistance

Save: 39%
Price: € 1299

Item No.: 4864750


Fluke 1664 FC

Now with FREE T150 and DMS Software

Extra features compared to the 1663:

  • Insulation-PreTest™ safety function
  • Insulation at L-N, N-PE input
  • Automatic test sequence
  • Fluke Connect compatibility

Save: 34%
Price: € 1649

Item No.: 4864811


1732 Energy Power Logger

Now with free magnet probe and hanger

  • Improve connection stability
  • Keep your hands free to do your testing
Save: 19%
Price: € 2145

Item No.: 4881048


Fluke 376 FC

Special price

Wireless True-rms AC/DC Clamp Meter

  • Troubleshoot intermittent faults with its logging capabilities
  • Creates and sends reports right from the field

Save: 10%
Price: € 429

Item No.: 4695861


Fluke T150

Now with FREE H15 Holster

Fast test results with the Fluke T150 Two-pole Tester

Save: 17%
Price: € 139

Item No.: 4609716

1507 + 323

Powerful troubleshooting tool

Buy a Fluke 1507 insulation tester and get a Fluke 323 Clamp Meter for FREE

Save: 21%
Price: € 499

Item No.: 4864866

Electrical starter's kit

The ideal electrical starter’s kit

Get 15 % discount and get a FREE C550 bag

Kit contains: T150 two-pole tester, 325 Clamp meter, C550 bag

Save: 37%
Price: € 312

Item No.: 4864918


Get the most out of your electrical tester

Buy a T5-1000 and get a T5-KIT1 accessory starter's kit for FREE!

Save: 21%
Price: € 179

tem No.: 3449405

NEW! Fluke laser levels

Fluke laser levels – rugged, precision tools for efficient layout

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